Furniture, Metalwork, Sculpture


About the artist
Propellor is a multi-disciplinary studio committed to creating useful, beautiful and ecologically minded objects and experiences. Toby Barratt, Pamela Goddard and Nik Rust became creative allies while studying sculpture at Emily Carr University and formed Propellor in 2000 with the intent of combining their skills as artists and designers. Propellor’s work spans a broad range of disciplines from furniture and lighting design to exhibition design and sculpture. A deep interest in the natural world is at the core of Propellor’s practice and is reflected in the concepts, forms, and processes employed in their work. In 2010, Propellor received the Carter Wosk British Columbia Creative Achievement Award for the Applied Arts. Propellor’s work has been exhibited internationally, most recently at the Design Exchange in Toronto, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of Arts & Design in New York and the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Tourcoing, France.
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1120 E Georgia St
Vancouver , BC