Metalwork, Painting, Sculpture

Roberts, Lee

About the artist
In 2007, Lee set out to commit more fully to the fine arts and started sharing a number of group shows mostly with Vancouver and Sunshine Coast artist friends, including Jay Senetchko, Sean Hunt, Tanmaya Bingham, and Mike Watt. Lee’s sculpture, paintings and drawings mostly depict animals and the environment. Materials used are typically industrial or biological waste that include, bicycle inner tubes, conveyor belting, floor boards, rebar tie wire, skulls, fur etc. These materials are general acquired at low or no cost and diverted before they become landfill or bio-waste. This route, while prudent, is also a fitting reflection to the industrialization of habitats addressed in many of his pieces. Most of Lee’s work is a contemporary, clean, minimalist expression with subtle layers of discovery. Each piece seems simplistic but is the result of disciplined enquiry and of considerable meaning to the artist as well as the curious observer. Lee has now shown in over twenty-five group shows, several two man shows and one solo show. He sells most of what he produces. Lee is not represented by galleries, choosing the freedom to produce what matters to him, and to exhibit mostly from his studios in East Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast (which he shares with his artist partner, Bon Roberts) and in select small venues. Lee’s work is in many private collections in Canada, USA and Europe.
Map Code: E3
1338 Franklin St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #1338 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1N9