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Laurel Swenson

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Laurel Swenson is an abstract painter. She creates large and small abstract paintings and delightful drawings. In Laurel's words: "My paintings emerge over time with layers of paint, texture, marks, and colour in a call-and-response-like dynamic. The marks are laid down with a variety of custom-made tools, and they call for a response in the form of the next action. Each stroke of the brush or pull of the knife informs and provokes the next mark. My paintings are an expression of the struggle of this process. My work is informed by themes of transition, struggle, learning and growth. The process of painting mirrors life. The peaks and valleys of life’s emotional rollercoaster can be both exhilarating and disheartening. When I hit an obstacle in the process of creating a painting, it is always a message — and I realize that I need to change my approach. As in life, the obstacle is the message … and the door to further growth. PS. My titles are an important element to my work — they expand the meaning of each piece with an additional layer. Be sure to read them! Life will inevitably present many struggles to each of us — it is a part of being a human being — but these struggles are pathways to transition and growth. I celebrate the value of the big and small struggles in our lives." Laurel is a painter and Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, Canada.