Drawing, Fashion, Painting

Parker, Karen Lorena

About the artist
Romantic. Atmospheric. Inspired. Karen Lorena Parker's expresses light and movement in Florals, Canadiana Vignettes and Vintage Female Heroes. Her impressionistic paintings show an expertise in depth and luminescence using color and varnishes. Her drawings in tempera have a delicate line quality and expressive character. Her interest comes from describing urban and organic in warm romantic refractions of light. Atmospheric soft edges that wrap our memories and familiarity. Bold compositions of tension and drama in a nostalgic ideal that we all know collectively, intuitively. Children wild and interacting with nature, her love of fashion and figures shows in golden poses, at the golden hour. As our environment erodes, Parker chooses to place a high value on natural form in her work and chooses to create paintings that can hold our emotional intangible memories. She strives to create a visual vocabulary that expresses her values and is in line with her worldview. Graduate from Alberta College of Art, Vancouver Film School, ThinkTank; Parker is a designer, artist of mixed media. Over 500 paintings online, in private collections from Dubai, Bahrain, New York, Vancouver, Basel, Switzerland. Illustrator, matte painter, concept artist and painter. Commissioned paintings, Rentals, Staging and Concept work available to designers.

BremerPark Studio #215 @ 1000 Parker Street
www.KarenLorenaParker.com | 604.724.4494 | Open for the Culture Crawl and ParkerArtSalon

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #215