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Keith Marlin

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Keith Marlin is a Vancouver based Photographer, Filmmaker & Independent Producer.  Beginning his career in the New York City Film & TV Industry, Keith went on to found Brick Box Films in 2018. Relocating to Vancouver on the eve of the pandemic, Keith transitioned to photography as an alternative to filmmaking. Learning to shoot film as a youth, Keith began exploring the medium of digital photography when the world came to a halt due to COVID. With a focus on Landscape, Portraiture, and Still Life, you can find him capturing images of people, places, and things. Whether roaming the streets of East Van or venturing out on solo backcountry trips, Keith focuses on intention within his compositions, in order to tell a story that captures and engages audiences.  Residing in East Van with his partner and rescue pup, Ziggy Stardust, you can often find them exploring all that BC (and beyond) has to offer in their rag tag ‘94 Mitsubishi Delica camper van. Aspirations of “van life” and traveling the open roads of North & South America will always be the carrot dangling just ahead in life (and reality) as they currently know it.