Mixed Media, Painting, Textile

Hamadeh, Kayan

About the artist
Vancouver based artist, Kayan Hamadeh, has been a self taught mixed media artist since 2017. Having grown up in an artistic family, Kayan has been learning how to express herself through any and every artistic medium since the earliest days she can remember. Originally a pencil portrait artist, Kayan has merged her strength in portraiture with her self taught oil painting skills and curiosity in various mediums, creating a beautiful blend of her multiple artistic interests. Growing up in a a predominantly female, middle eastern household, Kayan has always felt a massive sense of pride for her heritage. She began documenting her journey of cultural self discovery through paintings, and eventually taught herself how to oil paint; thus refining her skill in classical oil portraiture, with her own contemporary approach. The overall concept of culture being a significant source of inspiration in her life, Kayan further examines this concept through the exploration of different subcultures that have influenced her sense of self identity through themes of gender empowerment, racial identity, pop culture and political issues. Her integration of recognizable faces and places enables her to tell a story that is familiar to the viewer, all the while maintaining an appreciation for the traditional art form that is oil painting.
Map Code: E17
580 Clark Dr
Vancouver , BC