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  • Mixed Media
  • Painting
My work addresses escapism, psychedelia, and the surreal inward reflections of the outside world. Through my paintings I hope to hold conversations, and to be understood in a way spoken language has failed me so far. I grew up on 90's cartoons and 2000's video games. Their bright colorful worlds became safe, internalized spaces, with nothing but positive feedback. Their absurd concepts and ingenious design taught me to think critically and openly. In their online communities I found open arms and unjudged companionship.  However, the sustenance of their contained perfect worlds, eventually turned to isolation and rot. Similarly I discovered B.C.'s electronic music festival in the neon fueled, psychedelic haze of my youth. I came there chasing dancing and drugs (and keeping up with my friends). What I really fell in love with was the art, the creators, and the liberation that creating can bring. Still though, you can only chase lessons in the same place for so long before disillusionment sets in. like many of us, in the face of the miasma of unpleasant and ordinary life, I sought escape. the above addresses my aesthetic, but the past few years have been a serious reckoning, all of us forced shelter in place, to confront the world outside the highlight reel. In stagnant isolation, I found balance in building my own safe space, layer by layer, serotonin laden mark after mark. In painting I found the tools to make the mundane and unpleasant my escape. This will my first public show with my wonderful partner in our new studio. We are so grateful to be able to share our work with you. Jordan Rotenberg AKA Seth.Lepod
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