Assemblage, Mixed Media, Other

Waibel, Joachim

About the artist
Joachim Waibel (1959) works with embodied meanings. A mixed media visual artist and poet, his art practice is interdisciplary and multi-faceted and has one common denominator: he uses whatever symbolic form in whatever medium best conveys his philosophical interests at the moment of creation. From drawing and painting to photography and film, from conceptual sculpture to concrete poetry, his creative approach is living proof that the medium is the message. Originally from Germany, he relocated to North America in 1973 and has since explored many avenues of self-expression, in keeping with his eclectic cultural upbringing and diverse experiences as a maker. He is in fact a neo-faber, a new maker, and his active Vancouver-based studio is exploring fresh and flexible ways to operate above and beyond the traditional gallery system. He is a postmodern renaissance man. —Donald Bracket
Map Code: E21
424 McLean Dr
Vancouver , BC