Film, Mixed Media, Photography

Jerk With A Camera

About the artist
Jerk With A Camera (AKA Reilly) is a multi-disciplinary artist who might, given the particular day, call himself a Photographer, a Multimedia artist, a Film Maker, or a Musician. Working with whatever material inspires him, Reilly can be found doing anything from creating functional photo based artistic guitar cases to wandering the back alleys of the city taking photos with cameras that are much older then he is. Not wanting to be pegged into any single artist genre, he plays folk/rock music when he is not recording multi tracked numbers with collected soundscapes from the real world of coffee shops and public parks. While also being an independent film maker for over a decade, his current film projects explore the nature of once everyday items like film projectors & record players. In addition, he is working on a collection of visual haikus. Reilly & his wife Miranda (who is also participating in this year's Culture Crawl) run a photography business out their loft located on Gore Avenue in Vancouver.
Map Code: A10
25 Gore Ave
Vancouver , BC