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Martin Ciastko

  • Furniture
  • Mixed Media
  • Wood
Martin Ciastko works with high tech and design to create awesome things for your daily life. At the intersection of technology and creativity, my artistic practice aims to create useful beauty in the everyday. Drawing on over 20 years experience in the creation of virtual worlds in motion pictures, I am using that language and skillset to design and build practical, sustainable solutions to everyday needs and provide unexpected twists on common objects. Using cutting edge technology and innovative approaches, my work endeavours to develop customised solutions for individual needs, drawing on nature, neurodivergence and the joy of the unexpected. The works presented at the Culture Crawl are part of the ā€˜Of a Technological Natureā€™ series, a collection of curios, restorations and custom furniture which aims to use technology to create a closer bond with our natural world. Using advanced techniques such as laser cutting, CNC routing and 3D printing, the works centre around concepts of nature, sustainability, curiosity and a celebration of the unconventional.

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