Assemblage, Mixed Media, Painting

Forbes, Ian

About the artist
Ian Forbes • Big Foldy Practice of Death. I have two artistic impulses. First is the desire to make things: to create images and objects through my own actions and manifest my ideas in physical forms. The second is to combine materials together to create aggregated meanings: to tell stories. My work is the repeated collision of these impulses currently manifesting as paintings and drawings. The "art stars" project looks at the simultaneous desire to consume and create. I recycle the physical materials "the gallery" uses to exhibit and ship art works. These cast off materials - imbued with the essence of contemporary culture's Art Stars - become the medium for a commentary on the self-referential, self-consuming nature of contemporary art.

I was born in Ontario, raised in Alberta and now live and work in Vancouver, BC. My background is in painting. I have a MFA in Painting (1997) from the University of Alberta.

Map Code: A5
603 Powell St
Vancouver , BC