Mixed Media, Sculpture

Rammell, George

About the artist
George Rammell studied at the Vancouver School of Art (ECUAD) from 1971-75. He has been active as a sculptor and art instructor since 1975. He taught at ECUAD over an 8-year period and worked as a studio sculptor for Haida artist Bill Reid, and other prominent artists. He is a former faculty member with the Studio Art Program at Capilano University. A Tricksters Joy is my personal tribute to the late contemporary Haida artist Bill Reid. It speaks to his passion for the well made object, his tools and to the way people viewed him. The foundation of the piece embodies my rendering of Reid’s canoe that I helped carry as a pallbearer during his memorial at the Museum of Anthropology in 1998. The knotted tool signifies the mythic trickster; the yellow cedar table conveys the artist as a corporeal being. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Notley is my recent protest piece. It’s a portrait of the Kinder-Morgan pipeline with a knot in it; an impediment to corporate objectives. Notley has been carried in several marches but the piece also functions within the context of the gallery.

I made this work as part of a series of protest pieces that draw attention to the imposition of unjust agendas that impact local cultures.

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260 Northern St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #main floor