(Concrete Art) EMSAY

About the artist
EMSAY designs are exclusively made with industrial raw concrete and exposed pine to create pieces with both texture and style. Our pieces are defined by their completely unique material and design, as well as each piece is 100% handmade in Railtown’s Octopus Studios in Vancouver, BC. The EMSAY style is a reflection of our own, one that always leans into something both functional yet still simple and beautiful. The medium embodies our taste and allows for such potential. That’s what is so incredible about it all—the possibilities. Concrete is so simple and stunning, it only needs given the chance to breathe a different kind of life. We are a growing and collaborative design house, though, always looking for new ways to experiment with our material. Currently, our studio offers a variety of artistic houseware and accessory pieces.
Map Code: A6
393 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Upstairs