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Arseneau, Crissy

About the artist
Crissy Arseneau’s unique dimensional paintings are micro-landscapes that explore order, attention, and contemplation in our often distracted world. Paper is hand-painted and cut, then precisely assembled into multi-plane paintings; elements rise above each other, supported with colour, shape, line, and shadow to create stylized scenes. Many of her works are inspired by the reflections in the glass towers that fill Vancouver, mirroring back the cloud-filled sky through an infinity of windows. Hard-edged geometrics meet repeating cloud formations, layered upon and through one another, with slivers of gradient colour peeking through. Colour, shape, and line all collaborate to create quietly thoughtful scenes for looking at and into.

Visit Crissy at 204-1000 Parker Street with Toodlebunny (jewellery), Kari Kristensen (relief prints), Ideet Sharon (mixed media), Jennifer Clark (painting), & Tara Bennett (paper).

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #204