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About the artist
It is very simple when we try to explain where the idea came from - we love sushi! And with many sushi lovers come thousands of disposable chopsticks that end up in our landfills. Actually, up to 100 000 per day just in Vancouver... so that got us thinking. What started as a product development exercise, soon became an opportunity for our research team to get Vancouverites involved in value-added bamboo research - entirely based on solid waste as a resource. We launched the collection program in May 2016, and we instantly started receiving plenty of material and positive feedback from our participating restaurants. Some of the owners are now actively involved in designing products and seeing the possibility of what their recycled chopsticks can be transformed into. ChopValue provides free recycling bins to anyone who is interested in joining the collection program. When a new user signs up on, a new pick up point appears on the map; the ChopValue team then receives a notification and arranges the pick up free of charge on a weekly or biweekly basis. It's a great story to be part of, and this is just the beginning. Saving thousands of chopsticks from the landfill each day is a good and responsible start of making our city greener. Looking into the future, we can think of many more urban waste resources that can be turned into new, value-added materials.

ChopValue Manufacturing is a Product Development & Design Startup which creates innovative materials with recycled chopsticks as raw material.

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281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC
Studio #281