Glass, Metalwork, Mixed Media

Milton, Booth

About the artist
Booth Milton 496 Prior Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V6A 3C8 Phone: 604-685-6544 email: Education 1983-1988 Graduate, 3D Studies, Emily Carr College of Art,Vancouver,BC Professional Development 2002-2012 Extensive Travel Throughout China 2000 Traveled 7 weeks throughout China, Tibet & Vietnam 1998 Traveled 5 weeks, Nepal, Thailand & Cambodia 1997 International Wood Sculpture Wood Festival, Sanyi-Miaoli, Taiwan 1997 Traveled throughout the Yucatan, Mexico 1985-1995 Harman Sculpture Foundry, Vancouver, BC Canada 1990-1991 Traveled for 5 months throughout India, Nepal & Sri Lanka 1988 Graduate Exchange, University of Washington Professional Experience 2004-Present TV Productions: Fringe, Eureka, Almost Human, Flash, Arrow, and various commercials. Movie Productions: I Robot, Night in The Museum 2, Tron, Watchmen, sucker Punch, etc. 1990-Present Director, White Monkey Design Inc, Vancouver, BC 1993-Present Numerous Contracts for the Film & Movie Industry, including; Fantastic Four, Battlestar Galactica, Snow Walker, Stargate, Chronicles of Riddick (Lead Prop Builder) I, Robot, X-Men, 6th Day, Mission to Mars, The Core 1998 Assistant, Ray Saunders, Steam Clock, Yokohama, Japan 1993 Assistant, Jack Harman, Equestrian Queen, Ottawa, ON 1993 Assistant, Jack Harman, Peacekeeping Monument, Ottawa, ON 1993 Assistant,
496 Prior St
Vancouver , BC