Ahkami, Ati

About the artist
Born on April24,1951,in Tehran, Iran, I started doing sculpture art with Parvaneh Roodgar in 2007 after I lost my beloved mother, I began to work with clay, sometimes I spend more than ten hours with no pause, no hesitate. Parvaneh, my very dearest instructor has been a great influence in my life. She had shown me how the strength in works, and true perspective in world can be a real life changing action. I slowly started to explore the relation of the human body and beyond that I devoted my heart and my mind to investigate in the beauty of human anatomy. I became more familiar with a capacity of the human gifted life with a grateful heart.

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul,” Said Henry Ward. The inspiration behind so many of my designs is in the process of Shaping faces.

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281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Studio B