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Amanda Suutari

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Amanda Suutari is a 'folk-psychedelic' painter and illustrator whose work explores elements of magic, vision, dreams and the natural world. Her time living, working and traveling in Asia and South America instilled in her a fascination of the hypnotic patterns and colours found in Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic art and architecture, as well in indigenous and folk/shamanic art. A love of visionary art, both traditional and contemporary, inspires her to explore new ways to juxtapose the ancient with the postmodern (and beyond). She loves to challenge our ordinary habits of seeing, as well as to celebrate the evolutionary journey in all of its diverse and sometimes messy expressions. Her illustrations have been published with Penguin India (“The Clever Hare”) and Katha books (“First Sun Stories”), and she has exhibited works in Kyoto, Japan and Vancouver, BC as well as the Integral Art Exhibition at the Integral Theory Conference in 2015, and has been featured in the arts and culture online magazine, Stir Vancouver. She also integrates her art and design onto eco-leaning wearable art and products such as leggings, tote bags, cushion covers, and journals - you can see more on her store at Amanda frequently uses her art as a vehicle for campaigning, fundraising and education inititiaves to regenerate our ecosystems and supporting global equity. Most recently she has been designing flyers to support the land defenders at the Ada'itsx/Fairy Creek watershed on Vancouver Island.
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