Drawing, Painting

Robson, Ann

About the artist
I am an emerging artist, living in Vancouver and working in drawing media and painting. After completing an undergraduate degree in studio art at Mount Holyoke College, I worked as a graphic designer and maintained an art practice prior to moving to Canada in 1976. Due to an interest in children's drawing and development, I began further study and worked in the field of psychology for several years. Since a move to British Columbia in 2003, the beauty of this place has provided an abundance of both outdoor opportunities and inspiration for art-making. In 2014, I returned to art-making in earnest and am currently completing the Fine Arts Certificate program at Emily Carr University. In my art-making, I work from what I see. But this is a starting point only. For now, I have a strong interest in representing diverse aspects of my perceptions, thoughts, and subjective experiences in the natural environment.
Map Code: E10
150 McLean Dr
Vancouver , BC