By Night with Torch and Spear: A Program of Films Assembled and Introduced by Geoffrey Farmer

Friday, November 25, 2016 - 20:00

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this event, all seats have been reserved. There will be a first-come first-served wait-list at the door.

Friday, November 25 - 8pm

The Arts Factory, 281 Industrial

FREE - Seating is limited and is reserved in advance

Presented by Cineworks and ECCS, this program invites us to consider the forcefulness of objects, images and sounds as building blocks for history as a narrative phenomenon, distinct from ‘the past’. As such, it presents a backdrop for understanding the forces marshaled in Geoffrey Farmer’s art practice to investigate the archive as an unstable and shifting constellation of transformative capacities, energies and impulses, most present to readers and viewers in material forms.

This event is kindly sponsored by FREEMAN Audiovisual


Joseph Cornell (US)
By Night with Torch and Spear, 1970

Bruce Conner (US)
A Movie, 1958

Alain Resnais (Fr)
Toute la mémoire du monde, 1956

Arthur Lipsett (Ca)
Very Nice, Very Nice, 1961

Chris Marker (Fr)
La Jetée,1962