Foster, Veronica

Address: 1000 Parker St. , Suite: 350
Mixed Media
Veronica Foster's art is inspired by the marks of time... traces of the ephemeral... A mixed media artist, Veronica works with various materials: watercolor, casein, acrylics, cement and plaster, to create art that is a hybrid of sculpture and painting. The result is a fresco-like surface interlaced with fine cracks, creating the  illusion of antiquity and fragility.  The plaster surfaces are often impressed with feathers, leaves, branches, or the hands and face of the artist. Brief moments in time fossilized, evoke a sense of visual poetry. Veronica's style evolved out of her extensive background in graphic design and architectural arts. This experience created an opportunity to push the boundaries by combining traditional and non-traditional art materials to develop her own creative alchemy. As a professional artist and artisan, Veronica has been commissioned by many local and international clients, architects and interior designers to create works of art for personal, residential and corporate projects.