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Union Gospel Mission

About the artist
Union Gospel Mission is proud to present for the 9th year its exhibition Uncovering Vision. Uncovering Vision was inspired by a common sentiment expressed by participating artists, year after year: The act of creating art is empowering. It allows people to visually represent themselves in a way that cannot be done through words. It opens our eyes to new forms of expression, and can be truly transformative. Our exhibition features curated artwork from UGM's Photo 101, Healing Through Art, and Hope in Shadows. UGM’s Photo 101 Program encourages participants to explore the different neighbourhoods within the DTES, and engage with diverse subject matter – from Chinatown markets to the picturesque mountains and parks, capturing a level of beauty and rawness within the Downtown Eastside community that often goes unseen. UGM’s Healing Through Art provides a healthy outlet for participants to process their emotions while putting paint to paper. Since 2013, the Hope in Shadows project has empowered residents of the DTES to capture the spirit of the neighborhood through photography. Using 50 single-use disposable film cameras, vendors get 5 days to capture images on the theme of "Heart and Soul." The photos show strength, beauty, and resilience in the face of stigma and hardship, and capture the community from a different perspective. Uncovering Vision features pictures from the winning photographers with the hope of building a deeper understanding of this community.

Empowering the community through creative art. Feeding Hopes, Changing Lives.

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