Fashion, Leatherwork

Trace of Grey Designs

About the artist
Trace of grey designs (t.o.g) is a collaboration between Claudia Krieger and Monique Ouellette. Leather is the medium they have chosen to work with because of its tangibility, its imperfections, its longevity, and its inherent quality to become more beautiful with use and time. For both women, there is amazing joy and a life-giving quality found in the act of creating objects completely by hand. Monique and Claudia believe they always create pieces for a specific person. People are all so unique and beautifully individual, and this is something they desire to celebrate in their leather goods. They never create exactly the same piece twice, always changing the details, such that each piece is as individual as the person it was created for. Each piece in the t.o.g collection is hand cut with a ruler and knife, holes are pre-punched, one hole at a time, and pieces are then stitched together completely by hand, using needles and thread, love and patience.

"trace of grey of a kind. one at a time. each by hand."

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329 Railway St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #L1