Mixed Media, Photography

McMenemy, Tracy

About the artist
Tracy McMenemy is a mixed media artist, working to blur the line between photography and painting. Her work introduces an ongoing conversation between the two mediums, presenting their distinctions and similarities in innovative ways. At first glance, one cannot grasp what processes, materials and techniques McMenemy uses in her work. It is this uncertainty in the viewer that the artist attempts to capture with her distinct style across her various bodies of work. In January, 2016 she had a solo exhibit at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Through a varied collection of painting, photography and sculpture, Tracy seduced the viewer into endless and ongoing passage of time in her series, Ghost Passages of the McKenzie Shipyard. McKenzie Barge and Marineways was a landmark along the Burrard Inlet; an epicenter of industrial development since 1932. The day before the shipyard was demolished McMenemy began her material investigation of the once working waterfront. "In my work, I am fascinated by abandoned landscapes and sites of transition in history. The shipyards play a particularly important role for me as it is a piece of my community. Returning to my studio with detritus from the shipyard, I created nostalgic paintings, organic sculptures and ghostly photographs. All of these lost objects became signs of passage." McMenemy is primarily a self taught artist. She has a variety of private and corporate collectors in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, Belfast, and Vancouver.

"Photographs absorb, while paintings produce. By pushing these realities together within the same frame, I attempt to create a powerful tension between the two."

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #400