Painting, Photography, Sculpture

McMenemy, Tracy

About the artist
Tracy McMenemy is a multidisciplinary artist, working to blur the line between photography and painting. Her work introduces an ongoing conversation between the two mediums, presenting their distinctions and similarities in innovative ways. At first glance, one cannot grasp what processes, materials and techniques McMenemy uses in her work. It is this uncertainty in the viewer that the artist attempts to capture with her distinct style across her various bodies of work. The materiality of photography is heightened with McMenemy’s treatment of the photograph. Transferring the image onto a readymade surface, she begins this painstaking process by first removing the photographic paper using steel wool – strategically leaving behind selections of the paper to create a variance in texture. Painting, drawing and ink are then applied with the same mark-making techniques practiced in traditional painting. As a young girl McMenemy embraced the green rolling hills of Northern Ireland, the dense forests of England and the lakeside habitat of Ontario, Canada. Although her relationships with family and friends were severed migrating from country to country, her connection to place gave her a sense of belonging. These early years were instrumental in forming the artist she is today, fueling her love and attraction to the natural landscape.

Photographs absorb, while paintings produce. My photographs absorb the detail, while my paintings produce an abstraction.

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #400