Kolber, Terry

About the artist
Terry has been painting, and drawing as an amateur artist for decades. However lately, his passion for art has turned from a hobby to an obsession. When the opportunity presented itself to spend considerable time on art over the last several years, he leaped at the opportunity. During this time, Terry has become very interested in the questions of how to paint light in its various forms. From the glowing highlights on people’s faces, to reflections in water, windows or shiny tabletops, to prisms of light passing through crystal bowls or colored bottles. How does one accomplish such feats with a medium such as paint or charcoal and create the illusion of a radiant highlight that glows with underlying vividness? One can start by combining areas of very light with very dark passages to play off the differences in tonal value. In addition the idea of judiciously applying afterimage effects can be quite successful to create shimmering areas in a painting that seem to radiate light. In his work the paintings having three distinct viewing distances. Each distance offers the viewer something different to discover. Close up the pieces are can be viewed as abstract shapes on the canvas. A few steps back, the works resolve into a picture that is definitely a painted image. Finally, backing up even further many of the paintings take on a more photographic quality.

Painting is a deeply spiritual part of my life. My soul craves this! The joy of creating approaches transcendental meditation in nature and is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

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321 Railway St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #408