Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture

Slingsby, Tanya

About the artist
Tanya Slingsby is a Canadian visual artist creating abstract works that harness the fundamental power of colour, form, line and surface to create a visceral reaction in the viewer. Born and raised in the untainted beauty of Salt Spring Island, she developed a keen fascination for the purity of open space and the way light shapes nature. Slingsby completed her Bachelors in Fine Art and Art History from the University of Victoria and earned a Master's Degree in Aesthetics and the History of Art from Sussex University, UK. In her present studio practice, Slingsby explores the tradition of art as a tool for revelation. Her paintings are intended to represent the sublime power of art as art - and of abstract art as a means for communicating something essential about human experience.. Slingsby's use of arcs, ellipses and iconic forms recognise the enduring potential for sacred geometry to shift consciousness. Colour and chromatic purity are used to create a purposeful response. In her pigment emulsion series, a stratum of titanium white and resin layers are carefully built and then repeatedly sanded down by hand. Her process is slow and methodical. The pigmented forms are created organically so their shape expands and crackles over time. For her Meridians series, bold lines and flat, jewel-toned colours create a visual space that is vibrant, kinetic and enthralling.

Light, as colour, is the substance of our world and experience – the oracle of a sacred reality we can tirelessly explore somatically and emotionally.

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #212