Hopkins, Tannis

Address: 1000 Parker St. , Suite: 108
I have done artwork as long as I can remember and studied Fine Art at college and university in both Montreal and Toronto. My family has always been very "food-centric“ My Mother was a wonderful cook, adventurous for her generation and she loved to throw dinner parties. I followed in her footsteps and found myself cooking and exploring different world cuisines as a creative outlet. Whenever I travel, food and local markets are a big draw - there is such diversity and beauty in the gastronomic world. A few years ago I had an epiphany - that I could combine my two passions. I am visually exploring and creating a series of pieces that revel in a love for food imagery of all kinds, local and global. From simple street side tortilla makers, plates of rustic Barcelona tapas, famous smoked meat sandwiches of Schwartz’s deli, and local bakery tarts to the colourful displays of market stalls the world over, I work from my own gastronomic experiences, travels, observations and photos. Through my work, I hope to help people recognize and appreciate how much food is part of our love of life, and how it defines our cultures and brings us together. From exotic markets to local farmers’ stalls, iconic dishes to sweet delights. I want to touch kindred spirits, and celebrate this fundamental, diverse and joyous part of our lives. I am a painter working in an impressionistic style, primarily in oils. I have also been working as an art director/graphic designer for years.

Eastside Culture Crawl icon This artist is participating in the 2013 preview event.