Assemblage, Mixed Media, Painting

Tableau, Catherine

About the artist
''The worn threshold of my great grandmother’s timeworn house—she herself was worn and wrinkled—was my first perception of the world. There, I was exposed to beauty, vulnerability, and to the finiteness of things. My art is about designing a primitive territory, between fiction and memory, a constant reminiscence of this mysterious and familiar ancient place. ​Using plaster, I encourage imperfections arising from the artistical process and emphasize the ‘‘damaged’’ as it reveals an experience, a unique piece of the object’s history. I like the tactile nature and the versatility of the plaster material to push back the limits of forms, to explore textures, and to create patterns. I recall compulsively the same process like the mechanism of memory: digging up, inflicting mechanical stress, cutting, reconstructing, sequencing, and ensuring consistency.''

''The instant of decision is madness''. Søren Kierkegaard

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281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Studio B