Assemblage, Mixed Media, Painting

Tableau, Catherine

About the artist
The worn threshold of my great grandmother’s worn house—she herself was worn and wrinkled—was my first perception of the world. There, I was exposed to fragility, vulnerability, beauty, and to the finitude of things. Reminiscence of this mysterious and familiar ancient place, my art is still about designing this primitive territory, between fiction and memory. I’m a mixed media artist working with two dominant materials, plaster and light. I like the tactile nature and the versatility of the plaster material to explore textures, and to create patterns. I encourage the imperfection and emphasize the ‘‘damaged’’ as it reveals an experience, a unique piece of the object’s history. In my practice, I recall compulsively the same process comparable to that of memory: digging up, inflicting mechanical stress, cutting, reconstructing, sequencing, and ensuring consistency. My current series, Time Lines, consists of a body of monochrome cracked mixed media panels. Fragmented patterns, the repetition of architectonic lines, the creation of contrasts between surfaces and intervals give a hypnotic/kinetic effect. Light gives its changing character to the artwork presenting variations that shift with the viewer’s position. Similar to a timeline depiction, the repetition of vertical lines speaks out to the human need to read the time, the whole process and outcomes addressing questions related to impermanence, memory erosion, accident, choice, and resilience.

''The instant of decision is madness''. Søren Kierkegaard

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Vancouver , BC
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