Clay, Painting, Sculpture

Birstein, Suzy

About the artist
As a child, Suzy studied dance while absorbing Hollywood musicals, film noire and the mysteries of Rembrandt. As an adult, she's been seduced by the sensuous spontaneity of Clay, Colour and the essence of Romance. Suzy's imagery is a marriage of her childhood and adult influences. The figure dominates her work. She is compelled to create archetypal icons embracing the power of Ancient and contemporary World cultures, overlaid with the spirit of song and dance. 

 Her work celebrates our interconnectedness and individuality. Each stage of Suzy's work has a natural progression. The paintings on pottery are inspired by her sculptures; the sculptures often carry her vessels. Suzy explores the scale and diversity of her vision by creating miniature to life size figures accompanied by luminous oil paintings referencing these sculptures. RECENT HIGHLIGHTS: Biannual “Mia Muse” Art/Travel workshop in Greece. Representation: The Nevica Project, Chicago & Jonathon Bancroft Snell, Ontario. Commissions: “Tap Grace Awards” celebrating dance excellence & “Motion Pitchers” for Academy Award nominees for Best Actors and Directors. 2013 “RAW Vancouver”: multimedia installation, incorporating sculpture, paintings, pottery and film. 2012 Invitational Outsider Art exhibits in south of France & Spain. 2010 “Ceramic Art and Perception” #80 & #63. 2009 “My DeLovely Fever” solo exhibit and film dancing with sculptures.

"I long to merge the ancient power of Queen Nefertiti with the song 'n dance spirit of Carmen Miranda."

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #410