Drawing, Painting, Sculpture

Mishkin, Stanley

About the artist
My primary interest is in painting the portrait and figure. I find the aesethics of the human form to have fascinating shapes and volumes that upon successful interpretation reveal the person within and hopefully affect a response from the viewer. I try to accomplish this by utilizing the time honoured practice of classical technique, study of anatomy and keen observation of gesture and nuance. If I am sensitive to line, mass, value and colour harmonies I can avoid a sterile picture It is very true that often a sketch can be more rewarding for both the artist and the viewer as it has an economy of strokes and retains a spontanaeity that allows for more space in interpretation. Ultimately it is my challenge to incorporate this feeling into a fully realized composition while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal. For this reason painting the figure from life is both the most challenging and satisfying endeavor for me. Other examples of my work are primarily based in narrative realism which I use as a basis to re-interpret the scene into a meaningful composition. This is precisely where my creativity gets energized. An example of such was my 8 painting series "City-Seen: an unheralded look at development" exhibited at the Cultch earlier this year.
Map Code: E14
1530 Graveley St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #308