Sorrel & Trace Jewelry

About the artist
Sorrel & Trace is a collection of fine wearable art jewelry inspired by nature. This handmade jewelry combines botanical forms with graceful abstract elements and finishes them with contrasting patinas to celebrate the beauty of the natural world. ​While the twig elements can appear convincing, all items are cast in solid sterling silver to which darkening patinas are applied by hand. Sorrel & Trace is produced by Sage MacGillivray, a Metal Artist and Project Manager living in Vancouver, BC. Sage has always been a maker. Her first jewelry commission came at the age of 10, when one of the teachers in her school paid her to produce a piece for each of his female students. Since then she's explored many creative pursuits, from photography to sculpture, learning to listen to each medium and what it offers. In 2013, Sage had the honour of studying under renowned metal artist Ford Hallam. The three weeks spent in his studio transformed her approach to her work on a fundamental level and to this day remain an inspiration to her. Sage has spent the last several years working with and learning from sculptor David Robinson. His creative integrity and innovative use of materials have profoundly influenced this line.

The world I see is so full of beauty. This jewelry collection is at attempt to express and share some of the beauty that is gifted to me every day.

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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #360