Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture

Wiebe, Shirley

About the artist
Making art is a way for me to experience the world and its circumstances. Getting lost inspires me, discovering a material I can transform, small overlooked details, the process of realizing an idea. Whether I’m working in sculpture, drawing, photography or song writing, my art poses questions or considerations for the viewer to engage with. Urban ethnography is something I’m curious about and drawn to. How people and communities dwell, work and create meaning in the context of city living. It’s messy and disorganized, but with loose overlapping systems. The work I’m currently doing allows me to spend time with this experience. I feel witness to catching richness at the rough edges of change.

One of my preferred activities is walking and the immediacy it brings to experiencing my surroundings.

Map Code: E5
1345 Grant St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Main Floor