Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting

Cooper, Sherry

About the artist
I am drawn to Mixed media because I love exploring a variety of materials. The process of producing art enriches my life and is integral to my well being. I find inspiration in nature and enjoy exploring expressive interpretations of its elements. My art process is a very important part of my life. I love to paint and draw; it is my voice. I am constantly stimulated by beauty and interest in my surroundings and need to pick up a pen or brush to help me connect and interpret my world. I integrate the many layers of my experiences through my art, employing a wide variety of styles and mediums to express my ideas. Please visit my studio during The Crawl. I love talking about art and creativity. Studio 108-1000 Parker Street is actually off of George Street by the main entrance parking lot where the food trucks are. We have our own entrance there. I have the Square payment system, so I can take credit cards. Sherry

You are incredibly smart when you use your intuition. Your psychic journey starts from a place of curiosity, not control. Start more sentences with the phrase "I wonder".

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #108