Painting, Performance Art

Sára Molčan

About the artist
As an artist, I have become endlessly fascinated with this mask I wear – the inescapable reality of a millennial. The disingenuous mask of vulnerability and feeling I display online to seem personable; the casual indifference I display to the physical world. My curation of self is far more prevalent offline than online, so I question if I can merge these into a single identity. My calculated performance of self is dictated through my experiences, including physical and emotional trauma; creating an intimate void that I seek to feel with likes and comments in the digital realm. Having mastered the art of speaking while revealing nothing to those around me, my paintings have evolved to speak what I have left unsaid. Expressed in numerous ways: the Sarah Bahbah inspired film subtitle pulling from the depths of my darkness and the movie of my life; the Snapchat confession sent into the public abyss; the text message conversation reliving IRL events (with edits); internet slang superimposed over my face; the larger-than-life versions of myself and my identities. My relationship baggage is visible for all to see. My work has evolved from the psychology of self being a personal experience to being dictated through a lens of social media. How much of this performance is authentic? Am I simply playing theatre, acting as though I play myself Or is my existence simply a new level of narcissism in this generation me?

I question how we choose to curate ourselves in the face of trauma, or how we edit our identities to seem appealing to potential partners.

Map Code: D2
281 Industrial Ave
Vancouver , BC
Studio #B-8