Metalwork, Sculpture

simmer, ron

About the artist
Ron Simmer works in the area of Vancouver, BC mainly with found materials, He searches for discards that speak to him with the promise of sublime creations that will amaze, tickle, surprise or give pause to think. He enjoys the mental game of taking consumer rejects and making the mundane and common into the unique and spectacular. Since we live in a world in which almost everything is commoditized it is his challenge to repurpose consumer products into the unusual, amazing and funny. Ron recycles materials from our consumer culture to create fanciful commentary on modern society. He attempts to take people back to their childhood by creating large scale toys and colourful birds and animals. His art is created to be an interactive physical experience and often incorporates optical illusions. He has been influenced by the pop art movement, beginning with Miro, Rauschenberg, Warhol and Koons. Ron works with groups celebrating human creativity and spirituality, contributing art to local festivals and events. On occasion he joins forces in collaborative projects with technicians, designers and other artists to create large scale exhibits. He has created public art projects for the annual Peace Arch Park International Sculpture Exhibition and the ReVision@Creekhouse Granville Island show in Vancouver. He participates in local British Columbia. Oregon, Washington and California State exhibitions such as those in Lake Oswego in Portland and El Paseo in Palm Desert.

Ron attempts to take people back to their childhood by creating large scale toys and colorful birds and animals.

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1907 Triumph St
Vancouver , BC
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