Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking

Delahanty, Robert

About the artist
I was putting color and drawings on the walls at home when I was three. My parents encouraged the use of paper and all through school, art class was my favorite time of day. Now here I am still at it. Besides the new work visible during this year's Crawl, I also have watercolors (many scenes and things in B.C.) and I will take commissions on any calligraphy ideas. The chromatic explorations on display are part of ongoing studies of the relationship between colors and their effect on the viewer. I use a process that yields infinite possible combinations of pattern and hue. The structure guides the composition but each one has a unique tone. The energy coming from them will, in turn, affect each person differently. I love creating these interactions and harmonies. I think we all share the ability to see and feel something more than just the sum of the colors.

Chromatic Explorations; process painting that explores the relationships between the colors and their rffect on the viewer.

Map Code: A5
603 Powell St
Vancouver , BC