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Dewey, Robert

About the artist
Robert Dewey was born in Montréal, studied in Toronto and has lived in Vancouver for over twenty years, where he has worked as a film director, a creative director, and an artistic mentor in the community, among other roles. He is a creative and imaginative person who works in and between many disciplines, a constant contrarian and a neophyte. Notably, Robert sits on the Advisory Council for the Roundhouse Community Arts Centre, is the founder and creative director of the global communications company Hotfusion, and is President of Theatre Conspiracy. Such experiences are hallmarks of the diverse and complementary creative and entrepreneurial work that his career comprises, and his work in the field of communications has had a direct influence on his more recent developments as a visual artist. Robert’s sculptures emit light in ways that transform space by using natural wood and rocks, and he responds to the characteristics of these materials as he manipulates them. The work is elegant, clean-lined, and presents the material –– birch, ash and fir veneers, for example –– deftly and subtly. His sculptures start as small prototypes that he is subsequently able to scale up to 5’ x 5’ x 5’ (127cm x 127cm x 127cm).
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #115