Mixed Media

Raven's Rest Studio

About the artist
Jennifer is a Canadian designer and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. She's an incurable collector and has had a lifelong obsession with paper of all kinds – musty, tattered books, antique ledgers, old photographs, vintage magazines, postcards and sewing patterns, cigar labels, matchbox covers, aged dictionaries/encyclopedias, beautiful hand made Japanese Chiyogami...etc. Sourcing from her massive collection of rare and unique imagery she creates vintage inspired art for home décor, stationery, accessories, handcrafted "bling" and more. Playful, quirky and unexpected - one of a kind designs that have a past and tell a new story at the same time. The designs are original, playful, and full of whimsy, offering a little something for everyone. Her hope is that her work puts a smile on your face and brings a little bit of fun and joy into your lives, hearts and home!
Map Code: E8
1310 William St
Vancouver , BC
Studio ##6A