Jewellery, Metalwork

Kolesar, Patsy

About the artist
Patsy Kolesar is a Vancouver jewelry artist whose work is highly focused on colour and pattern. An award winning graduate from Vancouver Community College’s Jewelry Art and Design program, Patsy’s one-of-a-kind pieces have been selected for exhibitions internationally, and her collections are sold at galleries and shops across North America. New for 2018 is Patsy's "Vancouver Is Special" series, a limited edition series of 3d printed Vancouver Special house necklaces. "The “Vancouver is Special” series is my response to the affordable housing crisis that surrounds my life in Vancouver. As a renter, my partner and I have been priced out of the Vancouver housing ownership market. As an artist, this year I was pushed out of my studio space, located in the historic industrial neighbourhood of Strathcona because of redevelopment. I quietly watch my neighbourhood change around me, often feeling powerless and thinking that it’s inevitable I will need to leave Vancouver eventually. My “Vancouver is Special” series is my way to challenge this quiet acceptance and give a voice to the myriad of issues that an artist faces in Vancouver." Patsy is located in a new studio building in Chinatown at 268 Keefer Street.

I turn stories into metal. Making jewelry allows me to transform life's amazing and heartbreaking moments into wearable art pieces.

Map Code: B2
268 Keefer St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #Lower Ground (LG) Studio 30A