Oona Clothing Company

About the artist
Everything's made by my own two hands! Cut, printed and sewn in my studio. I make fun underpants for men, women and kids. I also make women's and men's clothing. Check out the "FRANKENGEAR" - all sorts of things made from smaller bits to prevent them from going in the landfill . Sign someone up for the UNDERPANT OF THE MONTH CLUB - the best club ever! I also make all sorts of fun accessories out of karate belts. Guests can purchase a brand new pair of Oona underwear for someone in need for only $5 any time and over the Crawl weekend I will match every pair with a pair of socks. All donations go to the Evelyne Saller Centre in the Downtown Eastside.

Beyond designing and making Oona I also get to work on all sorts of other fun projects like theatre costumes and movie props.
My job gets weird and I'm so lucky!

Map Code: E8
1310 William Street
Vancouver , BC
Studio #10