About the artist
Before entering her bachelors for Fashion Design and Technology, Negin worked in a large used garment warehouse as a vintage picker at the age of 17. Truck loads of clothes were unloaded in the warehouse every day, with more fast-fashion garments with tags attached. Exposed to the immediate waste of the fashion industry, Negin found her purpose in garment design in those industrial warehouses. NOCTEX was created in 2011 as an independent initiative to produce garments with transparent practices and to create without the imposition of the fast-paced modern fashion industry. NOCTEX released its first seasonal collection in Fall 2013, revolving around the idea that only 3 garments can be worn together or apart in 15 different ways. Years later, NOCTEX still works under the same umbrella of values; simplicity, functionality, utility and ethical manufacturing.

Rooted in deadstock textiles and produced in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada, Noctex embodies the global citizen who values form, utility and ethical design.

Map Code: E12
1701 Powell St
Vancouver , BC