Nana Fro Textile Art

About the artist
I am a Brazilian fiber artist graduated in Fine Arts from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado, São Paulo, Brazil (1997) and with a Masters degree in Textiles from NSCAD University, Halifax, Canada (2008). My exposure to textiles began in 1992, when I took a course in the ancient art of batik. The quick empathy I found with the technique allowed me to focus almost exclusively on wax resist on fabric and paper for many years, until I started to expand my work towards other printing and traditional dyeing methods which I have continued exploring until today. I am particularly captivated by the different kinds of resist techniques and the way that patterns can be constructed through preventing dyes or discharge agents from reaching certain areas of the cloth. I am interested in generating a sensation of depth on two-dimensional surfaces through the use of layers of rich colours, resisted areas, and the combination of geometrical forms. I work in partnership with materials, allowing my initial plans to interact with elements of chance and unpredictable responses. Since I became a textile artist, I have been producing mainly objects for the body and for the home. I am attracted by the tactile, sensual properties of fibers as well as the idea of imbuing with beauty our daily life.
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975 Vernon Dr
Vancouver , BC
Studio #235