Agosti, Nadine

About the artist
Community and photography have always been important to me. From growing up in a tight knit neighbourhood of the North Shore to living in the vibrant community of Commercial Drive, I’ve documented it all in pictures. There’s a story behind every picture. So when I make a photograph, I am telling a story. I possess a natural curiosity that drives me to seek out these stories. Daily, I go out walking with my camera and explore the everyday world in search of the marvellous. Nadine’s work is a visceral response to the spaces she inhabits. Her photos appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet. Both memory and nostalgia play a key role in how she sees the world around her. Her documentary style street photographs unfold as little vignettes though which the viewer may take a peek into the daily life of people and scenes that make up the city. Through her work she explores themes of community, landscape, boundaries and identity.

There’s a story behind every picture
When I make photos I tell stories
My own or others
I began the search for content outside myself
Now I fabricate stories, its myth making

Map Code: D5
975 Vernon Dr
Vancouver , BC
Studio #995 Vernon Drive