Assemblage, Mixed Media, Performance Art

Moth Orbit Object Theater

About the artist
Moth Orbit Object Theater (MOOT) was formed in 2010 with the purpose of exploring the possibilities of performing objects. I am a performance artist specializing in puppetry and object theater. Over the past 15 years I have written, designed, built, performed or stage managed in over thirty different productions. I was first seriously introduced to puppetry in 2003 when asked to help with a marionette show at In the House Festival. I studied for several years in marionette and shadow-puppet troupe Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts. Overlapping with this tutelage in puppetry, I studied philosophy at Kwantlen 2004-2008 and SFU 2008-2011. In 2010 I formed Moth Orbit Object Theater to explore new forms of puppet work and performing objects, affirming that anything and everything potentially reveals a secret life. These explorations have included giant papier mache puppets with mouth and eye mechanisms (Hungry for Money, 2011), object theater (animating potatoes in The Sleep of Little Lumen, 2013 or eggs in The Message is a Mess, 2015), bunraku inspired creations fashioned from plastic bottles (The Beanstalk, 2014), and motion capture digital puppetry (Manipulations: A Perfect Web, 2016). I currently serve as the puppet slam coordinator for Vancouver International Puppet Festival and have begun facilitating a series of workshops in marionette construction, mask making, giant-puppet making and object animation. -Wryly Andherson
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1701 Powell St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #203