Mixed Media, Painting

Aroeste, Miriam

About the artist
Mexico‐born, Vancouver artist Miriam Aroeste traveled extensively and lived in several countries following her wild sense of discovery and adventure. In Italy and France she had the opportunity to get deeply involved in the arts and establish close relationships with some established artists leading to a career in the visual arts and a lifelong appreciation and passion for art. Miriam’s work conveys her inner journey through life. Her abstract themes explore a universal understanding that transcends gender, race or subject matter; it is deliberately inclusive and open. Her paintings are ultimately explorations of line, color and gesture The meditative quality of Aroeste’s work goes beyond any specific association her abstract compositions invite to create a spiritual plane for the viewer to reflect and she hopes to achieve an emotional response, which is not necessarily conceptualbut something felt on a more instinctive level. Aroeste has exhibited in both solo and group exhibiti
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1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #221