Painting, Sculpture

Shumiatcher, Michael

About the artist
Michael Shumiatcher graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1984, with a focus on Sculpture and has been teaching in public high schools since 1994. Shumiatcher works from the minimalist and conceptual art traditions of the American 60's scene, drawing inspiration from the likes of Judd and Smithson - among many others. The pioneering Modernism of Brancusi is also a major influence as is the work of early modernist John Storrs. Shumiatcher says the focus and ultimate purpose of his art practice is a spiritual quest for truth, and believes this would not be entirely out of line with the practices of the artists that influence him. He has shown in Halifax, Calgary and Vancouver. An essay on his work has been written by Canadian sculptor and art writer Robin Peck and published both by Parachute and the grunt gallery. Recently, as a research and development project, Shumiatcher has returned to oil painting, the passion of his pre-NSCAD years.
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112 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC