Mixed Media, Painting, Wood

Gaudin, Maria

About the artist
Maria Gaudin graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Printmaking from Mount Allison University, Sackville, NB and an MA in Theological Studies, in the Christianity and the Arts concentration at Regent College, Vancouver, BC. Her artworks focus on death, decay and new growth in nature and in human life; and how embodying the art of visual “storytelling” creates a healing space and experience as a crucial part of understanding and entering into the grieving process. Maria primarily works with mixed media and wood to create sculptural-installations and other visual representations of her own grieving narrative and experiences. She invites others to join the conversation through thoughtful engagement, reflection and participation in the art making process. Maria typically chooses to work in a partial abstract style in order to give the viewer something familiar to grasp onto while also leaving space for contemplation on the mystery of an abstract work of art.
Map Code: C11
841 E Hastings St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #10