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Maughan Made

About the artist
"We are taught that something should look beautiful and harmonious from across the room, but also that there should be more to discover the closer you get to it. Sometimes there are details so subtle, you can only feel them while running your hands over the piece. You may even discover little surprises only after living with it for some time. Knowing this impacted my studies greatly and I continue to create furniture with this intent." Each Maughan Made piece is sparked by a fresh and unique perspective and quickly transforms into a functional and inspired creation that can also be appreciated for it's stand alone beauty. Trained in a classic, hand-tool focussed style, Jake's furniture is designed to be passed down and enjoyed from generation to generation. Born and raised in North Vancouver, BC, and fuelled by a strong desire to create with his hands, Jake Maughan studied under renowned craftsman, and Krenov protege, Robert Van Norman at the Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking on the Sunshine Coast.
Map Code: D5
975 Vernon Dr
Vancouver , BC
Studio #205