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About the artist
​ Marie-Line is a narrative painter and her style is  using mainly acrylic and mixed mediums like plaster, acrylic and water colors painting on wooden board and paper She is now graduated as a facilitator wih the play painting concept under the philosophy of Arno Stern in Paris where the core of the concept is to explore in every way the spontaneity of everyone. Practitioner in Creative Education with the play-Painting , Arno Stern's pedagogy  Marie-Line followed the teacher training program in Paris that taught her to follow the philosophy of Arno Stern. Based on the absolute respect of the individual, each being develops latent capability of original spontaneity and unconscious remembrance that connect them to their organic memory. Founder of this unique studio in Vancouver : Marie-Line acts as a seasoned facilitator and helps the participants, both adults and children, to experience a painting process that explores the freedom of color and the freedom of movement in painting. To accomplish this, she brings constant and warm attention to everyone. ​ ​

Founder of Espace Bilodo
Practitioner in Creative Education with the Game of Painting
Expressive art teacher
educator with dyslexics
a growing chef

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658 Union St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #658 Union street