Jewellery, Metalwork, Sculpture

Buxton, Lydia

About the artist
Lydi of the Valley Jewellery is a single studio operation situated in the heart of East Vancouver’s thriving artist studio district. As both a designer and contemporary metalsmith, Lydia Buxton cultivates handcrafted pieces informed by her love of texture and natural materials. A graduate of NSCAD University (Halifax, NS), she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Jewellery Design and Metalsmithing. Shortly after graduating her student work won the 10th National Jewellery Student Competition at L.A. Pai Gallery in Ottawa. Today, she continues to show her personal work both locally and internationally through various contemporary jewellery galleries and exhibitions. Many of the Lydi of the Valley collections start with a memory or recollection, a nod to a specific moment of inspiration. Each piece of jewellery offers natural elements and textures that create softly structured designs that feature a mix of silky freshwater pearls and sterling silver. The newest Resilience/Emergence series references emotional states of being. Based on all the bits that make us whole, the states of being that rise and fall and tense and subside, for the strength gathered from being heard - and equally, for those holding space. Resilience for the hard days and Emergence for the soft ones, tangible and irregular like the best of us. Mobility and tactility are cornerstones of many of these pieces - small hand held meditations, elegant on and off the body.

My designs are fragments of memory made tactile. Using various mediums, I delight in the culmination of hand-tasks that directly propel life into wearable objects.

Map Code: D3
1000 Parker St
Vancouver , BC
Studio #315